Friday, September 01, 2006

Ryan is home!

Well, Ryan is home, so this will be a difficult few days. He already annoyed Pete in the car, as he said that his Mum has changed and was lovely all week. Hello! Earth calling Ryan, you spent 4 days with her! This is the same woman who routinely emotionally abused you for 12 years, then started hitting you with coat hangers. She hasn't changed. It's called manipulation.

She's also told him he won't have to go to JW meetings if he moves back there. That's such a lie, she isn't allowed to have him living with her if he refuses to go. The elders will give her and Ryan constant pressure and intimidation until he comes back. If he wants to go back to that, he can.

It makes me really confused inside. On the one hand I want him to forget all the nasty things she's done over the years, but on the other he needs to remember what she's done. The grass isn't greener on the other side. I'm losing patience with all this, if he wants to go I won't stop him, but he won't ever get another chance back here. This is it. There will be no sleepovers, no birthday parties, no Christmas, no football club, no cricket club, no going out socialising with our friends.

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