Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bad news all round

Firstly, Ryan tried out for the school team today, and the coach said he's keeping the winning team from last year, so Ryan wasn't picked. He's on the reserve list so if anyone doesn't show or drops out he's in there. he was pretty upset earlier. At least he has his private team that he plays for, and they're doing really well.

On an even sadder note, my ex boyfriend Martin just called me. We remained close friends for a few years after our split(we were together 4 years), and as our lives have all moved on we speak maybe once a year now. It was lovely to hear from him anyway, but...

When we split, he dated one of my childhood friends, Lisa. Her and her identical twin Clare were a huge part of my childhood(they lived next door to me), and we all remained close for the three years that Martin and Lisa were together. I was really happy for them both, there was never any hard feelings.

When Martin and Lisa split she moved away and met someone else, but I've stayed friends with her sister. I moved away too and we all drifted, although I saw Clare quite a lot. Lisa had a daughter a few years ago, and she also had skin cancer. She had the mole removed from her leg and that was the last we heard. Martin just called me to tell me she's now dying in the hospice, it's come on so quick and there's nothing they can do. She's only in her 20's. Both her and Clare are so beautiful, it's just such a waste.

I feel like I've been punched in the gut. Life is bollocks. :(

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