Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Pete has the hump with me tonight and I'm not entirely sure why. So now I feel like the worlds worst girlfriend, for no reason. Nice.

On one of my message boards we do a December Gift Exchange. I got the name of my person to buy for today, so I've been researching their likes and dislikes. I love this part of the DGE! I've just checked out last shipping dates for their country, and I have until 11 December. Remind me to not leave it til the last minute. I start buying straight away, little bits here and there, but putting the package together takes ages.

I had a nice day today with Angela and Lara, plus the kidlets of course. Everyone played nicely out in the garden, and we had a good gossip. Angela is having another baby in a few weeks so we had a feel of her tummy. Lots of indiscernible shapes were poking out. I'm now on emergency callout in case she goes into labour(as is Lara), mainly to look after Alastair if needs be. I'm looking forward to newborn cuddles too!

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