Sunday, September 17, 2006

I was right...

They lost. Spectacularly. It was 5-1. Ryan's team won 7-0 though so there was some consolation. Pete's best mate Brian got in a strop and threw his toys out of the pram. Me and Jane could hardly contain ourselves and cracked up laughing, which helped his mood. Isobel spent the morning playing with Jane's daughters Bratz, which I hate with a passion. I hope she doesn't get any ideas because she won't be having any at home.
I wanted to either visit my Dad & Pauline today(they won't answer their phone so I can't arrange it), or visit the cemetery(we have no petrol to get to Romford). So that was my plans scuppered. Never mind, it's pay day tomorrow. Ryan told us that one of his girl mates is called Tissue Tits, as she stuffs her bra. Teenagers, don't you just love them?

This is Isobel going down a huge slide at Wat Tyler, it's meant for over 6's. She's fearless.

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