Friday, September 29, 2006

My son is weird

But we already knew that!

I was a strange child, and it seems that Taylor is following in my footsteps. I could see spirits as a child, and was haunted by a Poltergeist as a teen. Taylor has seen ghosts from a very young age, but it seems to be calming down as he gets older, thank goodness. He's not actually seen anything for a while.

This week I've heard and felt someone in the hallway(the upstairs floorboards physically moved whilst I was alone upstairs & lying on the bed). Taylor just told me he's felt it too, and he thinks it's Nanny. Not wanting to scare him, but not wanting to rubbish his thoughts(as my parents did to me as a child), I told him that it may be Nanny, but it's nothing to be scared of. I also said that if he sees anything to tell me straight away, as I want to see her too. He said 'I won't be scared, I wasn't scared when I saw and heard Fraser in the hallway'(he's our dead dog - it's a long story).
Then he asked about scary ghosts, and I said there wasn't any here, and not to worry as I'd done a protection spell on our house. He asked me to show him how to do it, bless him. I told him he's a bit young for that.
When we moved in here nearly 7 years ago we had a few problems with a bad 'vibe'. Lights and appliances would turn on and off on their own, and we all saw stuff, even Pete. It wasn't a spirit, just nasty feelings left behind by previous people. Taylor started seeing scary things in his room as a toddler (such as a 'flying man', it terrified me to hear my three year old describe that!) so I cleansed the house, and it's been fine ever since.

I bet you all think I'm mad now. I'm not one of those fluffy pagans who are into all this for attention, honest. I pretty much keep my beliefs to myself. It's tough being a pagan in a house with two atheists who've been badly abused by organised religion, and a son who although is pretty much like me, is actually really interested in the Bible(which we encourage). I dread to think what Isobel is going to turn into.

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