Saturday, September 23, 2006

Busy busy busy

I love this picture of Taylor and Isobel.

It's been manic here the last few days. Our car broke down on Monday, so Pete's been getting buses to work(which is a nightmare when you're an Area Manager!). We've waited for a mechanic to come round to have a look, he didn't show, so today we called the RAC out. Pete has been trying to start the car two or three times a day...nothing. As soon as the RAC guy turned up, the little shit starts. It was hilarious! It's been fine all day. Very mysterious.

Anyway, Thursday I took my old dears from work to see Starlight Express. My Mum came with me, and both the boys were invited but Ryan had a football team presentation to go to at the Outback Steakhouse. The show was fantastic, Taylor really loved it, but it was a bit loud for a few of the oldies. Most of them enjoyed it though. Taylor's been asking to go and see it again since then.

Friday was busy at work, than Lara came and picked me up(bless her!), and then proceeded to be our taxi service for the evening. We dropped Taylor and Isobel at my Mum's, Ryan stayed at his new friends(called Taylor, annoyingly. It can get a bit confusing in our house when he's here. Like right now), and Lara dropped us round my friend Beverley's. We got a scrummy Chinese takeaway and drunk far too much wine. We stayed up chatting until 2.30am. I love going round there as they're not afraid of a good debate, and we can talk about some really deep shit. It's been known to get a bit hair-raising at times, but in a good thought-provoking way, and they're an argumentative couple with each other anyway. We had some good animated talks about immigration, the government, the CSA and religion last night and I feel like my brains had a good workout today. Niks really funny and a bit of a comedian, he must drive Bev mad to live with, he's never serious.

We got home at lunchtime today, went food shopping, and now Ryan has his mate Taylor Mark2 round, and Pete and our Taylor are watching Star Wars. My Dad is coming over here tomorrow at 2pm, so that will be nice. We haven't seen them since last Christmas, which is shameful really as they're only in Maldon. Life just gets in the way unfortunately.

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