Sunday, June 27, 2010


We spend all that money to go and catch some sun in a foreign country, and we are due a heatwave here in the UK the same week! I'm pretty sure Turkey will still be hotter though.

Oh well, going on holiday is always good, if a little stressful. I am not looking forward to the travelling with a baby, I must admit. I am very happy we have a night flight.

See you in a week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All done!

That's it, my course is all over with, well until February next year anyway. I revised like a demon, and still managed to revise all the wrong topics. I did just about know enough to answer the required three of them though, just. I was very lucky that I knew enough to get through it. I am so glad that I can have a rest for a few months now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's all coming together nicely

Pete was away on his annual football tour last week from Wednesday to early hours of Monday, so it was a bit mad here because I had my last two days at work and had to find childcare and rush around. I took the kids to the funfair on Saturday, and rattled around the house trying to revise(eeep - only 4 days to go). We had some lovely storms too which were fun to watch.

While he was away it was sods law that two or three mopeds and scooters came up locally that were perfect for me. I missed out on them and was a bit gutted. But, I always say what is meant for you won't pass you by, and lo and behold I found the scooter that I really wanted, the same make that I passed my CBT on. I took the plunge and clicked the scary Buy It Now button on Ebay, and when Pete got home we went to try it out and buy it in South London. The seller even gave us the helmet and bike lock. He(yes, definitely a HE - I have named him Cosmo) is perfect, and is now nestling beside Ryan's monster of a moped out in the garden. I absolutely love riding it, can't wait to start zooming about for my new job next week. Ryan is an ickle bit jealous as mine is about 30mph faster than his.

So, on to the new job. I can't describe how much I am enjoying it, and I haven't even started properly yet. The company is great, and strangely casual yet professional at the same time. The staff are friendly and helpful, the actual job I'm going to be doing is so worthwhile...can't fault it so far. I'm on a hugely intensive training academy at the moment with a wonderful group of people from all different departments, one of whom will be my very close partner in crime doing the same job as me. It's been fab getting to know them all, but especially her as we are going to be relying on each other a lot. I still have 5 days of courses left yet, with my degree exam in the middle of all that too. My brain may explode!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Camera

I got a new compact digital camera for my birthday, mainly to take on holiday as I don't want to take my huge DSLR. It was only a cheap Samsung on offer in Tesco, but the pictures come out ok. It'll be perfect to carry about in my handbag in Turkey!