Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Just wanted to add some pictures of the birthday boy.

Opening his presents

Wasn't impressed with the cake(well, who would be if they knew they were too sick to eat it?)

In bed this morning

Feeling glum

Watching Daddy play PC games

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

Well, the boy is one today. He was born at 2.47am, so we would've been all snuggled up in hospital now this time a year ago.

He's been ill with a sicky virus this week, so is miserable as sin and not really up for celebrating at all. Poor thing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost one

Christian is one on Saturday. I can't believe it. He is still very quiet, uber cute, and very much a typical boy. He loves footballs, playing fetch, wrestling his sister...typical boy stuff really.

How much like Isobel is he in this one?

I didn't get either of the jobs I applied for, and Pete isn't getting any interviews either, so we are stuck here in this tiny little house going crazy. I think we are going to have to stay here and do the building work that we need to do to make the house bigger.

I went to a tutorial for my course and my tutor was stroppy with me because I'd moaned via email about her marking. She put me on the spot, asking me what my problems were in front of everyone thinking I would back down, so I told her that her marking doesn't make sense and her comments aren't understandable. Her written English is unintelligible, and that isn't fair. This is MY future she is messing about with. She then proceeded to go through the marking strategy being really patronising, and I told her that I'd filled all the set criteria she'd just been through and she is still marking me down. She just smirked and shrugged. She's a bitch and I can't wait to be shot of her. During the group work we were split into two teams and no matter what my group talked about she shot it down in flames(even though I made sure I did none of the talking, because I knew she'd be a pain and it wasn't fair on the rest of my group), and the other group, who talked nonsense and stuttered their way through it, were heaped with praise. If this next essay isn't marked appropriately I will be asking to be moved to another tutor group. :(

Friday, March 05, 2010

School Report

Taylor has just brought home an excellent school report, I think it's the best one we've ever seen from any of the children. We normally give them £5 for a good report, but he can have a tenner for this one! He got above the expected standard in reading and writing, and is on target for maths and science, and he got A's and B's for effort.
His teacher says:
"Teaching Taylor this year has truly been absolute pleasure. He is a kind and hardworking young man. He approaches all tasks, inside and outside of the classroom, with determination and a keenness to please. He has a witty sense of humour and he is a popular, well-respected class member. I have no doubt he will achieve great things in the future. He has grown into a polite young man with a positive outlook and attitude towards learning - keep it up Taylor, and you'll go far! I wish him all the best in the future."

His headteacher put:
"Taylor this is a delightful report. You can be really proud of this. Your attitude to work, combined with your obvious abilities have resulted in you making such pleasing progress. You are clearly a great asset to your class, and a delight to teach. Keep up this hard work and you will go from strength to strength, and have a superb foundation upon which to build your year 7 work."

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


It's a big week for us this week. Change is afoot(hopefully).

Firstly, Monday the 1st of March was the day we found out about Taylor's senior school place. After months of stressing about it, there I was at 12.10am on Sunday night logging in to the Essex Schools website. I couldn't believe he got the school we wanted! Still can't believe it really. It's second best in the area, and when you consider how bad a lot of the schools here are, this is a big deal. We've been very lucky.

I'm next on the list for big change. I'm leaving in thirty minutes for an interview. Then I have another interview tomorrow. Then, hopefully, I'll have another one in a few weeks time. Not sure what I'll do if I get more than one offer. Got to get the interviews out of the way first I guess.