Monday, April 17, 2006

We've had a busy Easter weekend, too much chocolate(and too much alcohol for the adults!). We went to a party on Friday night round at a friends house, the boys came too as they have children the same age. The photo is of me and my friend Leigh at the party. Then on Saturday all the men got together at the travel agents and booked our wedding. We are taking the three kids and my Mum, and we also have the two couples coming (one with their children). We are going to Jamaica in August 2007, we can't wait. The kids are really excited!
The children have stuffed themselves with eggs. We are about to go and mow the garden, then tomorrow I'm going shopping for some new clothes. Nothing exciting, just a few essentials. Ryan needs new pants and socks(he'll only wear Next and Nike, he has expensive tastes!), Taylor needs shorts and new school shirts, and Isobel needs either trainers or flat ballet style shoes for the summer. It's getting too warm for her boots now. I'm getting myself a dress too, as I'm off to Ladies Day at Newmarket in July(My boss is paying), and have two weddings in June.

Well, I'd best go and get the lawnmower out then.

Monday, April 10, 2006

We went for a lovely walk in the woods yesterday, then to an adventure playground. We didn't even take the pushchair for Isobel, she walked, which seemed weird. My baby is growing up!
We were actually in the woods on a mission looking for frogspawn. I wanted to take some home to hatch, then bring the froglets back to the pond. Could we find any anywhere? Nope! Also, can you believe that Ryan has never seen frogspawn? That boy has led a sheltered life. Well, he still hasn't seen any because there was none to be found anywhere.

Ryan has an appointment with a counselor tomorrow, at last. Also, we are going to have to take him to see his Mum soon as she is about to have a baby. We are all dreading it. He's much happier when she has no influence on his life. Even her phone calls upset him for days.
Taylor is at a craft activity day until 3pm today, then tomorrow evening Ryan is having a sleepover so it's all go here as always.

Another one of my best friends is about to move away, I'm gutted. Laura is going to either Greece or Spain to work in about a weeks time. It's her leaving party on Friday, so we are all going to that. My other best friend Becky just moved back to her hometown of Coventry after her divorce, so I'm still upset about her and now another friend is going.
Becky is in hospital right now in Coventry having her second son, and I should be there. I'm going up to stay with her on the 5th of May for the weekend, just to help her out with the mundane stuff like cooking and cleaning. It's hard being alone with a newborn, and I'm sure her 7 year old son Robin will be finding it tough to adjust to the new brother. I'm looking forward to seeing them all. I was in the bed next to Becky when I had Taylor, and we've been best friends ever since. I really miss her. :(

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The picture is of Isobel listening to Taylor's MP3 player yesterday. I think she was listening to Franz Ferdinand.

Well, it's the school holidays here and it's been marvellous. The boys go out to play every day at 10am, and apart from a few pitstops for the loo and their food I don't see them again until 6pm. We are going for a walk this afternoon to pick some daffodils, but that's about it. I'm back to work tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it as always. I love getting away from the house for a few hours.

Our new Guinea Pigs Elvis & Fergal go outide now that the weather has warmed up. I'm still bringing them in at night though as the temperature really drops. Isobel likes to help me feed them in the morning. She asks them if they're alright. I wonder if she thinks they can answer back!

I played iSketch with the boys for about two hours this morning, it's very addictive.

Gosh, what a boring entry!