Monday, September 04, 2006

Word of advice: Don't have kids.

Taylor has really annoyed me these last two days. We had a lovely day at the park yesterday with Gemma and her stepson Ryan, then we went to my Mum's for tea. My uncle was there with Jason, my 14 year old cousin. Now, there are no doubts as to who instigated the naughty behaviour yesterday. Jason has always been out of control. He once covered my poor Nan in talcum powder for a laugh, and squirted shower gel all over her house. He is a shit, and my uncle has no idea about discipline. Anyway, Taylor and Jason were really naughty yesterday, and subsequently Taylor is grounded and isn't allowed on the PS2 or PC.

Then today the following transpired:
A month ago he took Ryan's bike and left it out at night, and it was stolen. I was really upset with Taylor, and told him that his Christmas money would be buying Ryan a new bike. I then spotted a teenager riding it two day later and chased him till he gave it back(SuperMum to the rescue!). Taylor has his own bike, he doesn't need to ride Ryan's.

So, Taylor was let off the hook with buying a new bike for Ryan. Fast forward to now, in the last week either Taylor or his best friend Georgie have wrecked the seat pad on the bike(all the foam has been picked off), and the handlebars have been bent out of shape. Ryan hasn't done it because he hasn't been here. I'm so mad with Taylor that I've just shouted and sworn at him, which I never do. I've told him he won't be getting anything at Christmas from us, as his present allowance will be buying a bike for Ryan. I can't understand how he can be like this after 7 years of reasoning with him and talking about respect. We are pretty poor, so it's not like he gets spoilt and doesn't understand the value of money.

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