Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loved up

I am so in love with my snuggly little boy. He really is the cutest thing ever. He has this aura of comfort(I said this while he was in the womb too), you just want to hold on to him as he is really calming and it sort of envelops you. It's a lovely feeling. He sleeps a lot during the day, so I try hard not to pick him up, but I miss him when he snoozes all the time!

Life here right now is just babies, babies and more babies...not much else going on. We went to Portsmouth to visit Pete's family on Friday, then had my uncle over on Sunday. Pete has gone back to work now, so the mornings are a bit of a nightmare, and I am missing him and a bit bored. Taylor played in the semi-final of the cup on Sunday morning but they didn't get through. Such a shame, but his team are in division 7(going up to 6 next season as they've won the league), and the other three teams fighting it out for the cup are in division 4. They did really well to get that far against the much stronger teams. We have half term coming up, so I'm planning on taking Isobel to the cinema to see Monsters Vs Aliens, and we'll do our annual easter egg hunt at some point too.

I have this huge list of jobs to do(ironing for the week, gardening, write an essay that's a week overdue etc.), and all I want to do is snuggle up with Kit. Oh well, life isn't going to go anywhere, and he won't be this small and endearing forever. I'll forget about the jobs and end up cuddling him again, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lazy Days

We are having a lovely time with Pete being at home. We just get the kids to school and potter around with Kit doing snuggly things, or having people round to see him, or running errands. Going out in the car is a bit of a mission as I have to sit in the back and don't really fit. We really need a bigger car. We are taking Kit into my work tomorrow to be cooed over by old ladies, and then we are off to Portsmouth on Friday to visit Pete's family. My Dad and Pauline were over yesterday, and we've had lots of visits from friends with gifts of goodies for me and clothes for the baby. I feel great, considering I've just given birth and am getting no sleep! I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my hips and back though, still, and am dreading Pete going back to work on Monday as I'll have to do the school run again. The painkillers really aren't touching it, and the support belt isn't helping. I'm sure it'll get better over the next few weeks as my body starts to recover.

He's changed lots already. He's such a good baby, so easy-going and content, and it feels like he's been here with us forever.

Look how alike Kit and Bel are, you can really see it in these two pictures-Isobel is on the left and Kit on the right in the stripes:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kit has arrived!

Christian Victor Frederick
20th March 2009

Well, what a crazy day yesterday! I woke up feeling a little odd, I had a severe headache and the midwife suggested I take a strong painkiller, which I think later contributed to my dismissal of my early labour symptoms, as it was masking my contractions. I felt tight around my stomach all day, it wasn't Braxton Hicks, it actually felt more like a tummy bug. Pete took me for a long walk along the beach, he was adamant the trek through the sand would start me off. In the afternoon I started feeling even weirder, but just ignored it until about 9pm when I started writing down the very weak and irregular contraction times. At 11pm I thought I felt his feet kick my ribs while I was lying down, but it was my waters breaking really high up. I didn't realise until about 20 minutes later when I stood up and they went everywhere! It took a good half hour after this for the pain to even start to register, the contractions really were so, so weak.

We left for the hospital at about 12.30am, and when I got checked out I was 5cm dilated, and we also we discovered that there was meconium in my waters so the baby had to be continuously monitored, which sucked. I hate being immobile in labour.

The actual labour went really well. Of course I hated most of it at the time, was bloody terrified, and never want to do it again, but it was short and easy and I got through it. I'm feeling that rosy glow that lasts a few days, before reality sets in, so am making the most of it. I'm loving being looked after by everyone too. It's lovely being pampered.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just a quick blog post to let you know that I am still here, still pregnant, and still aching! Due date is the 15th so almost there. I had lots of regular twinges last night, they were even 13 minutes apart for about an hour, but they were so mild that I knew they wouldn't amount to much. I had a nice hot bath and got a good nights sleep, and feel fine today. Today isn't a good day to go into labour anyway, as Pete would struggle to get away from work. They are severely short staffed, obviously he would have to leave, but it may take him longer to get home than a normal day, as he'd have to organise some cover. Stay put please baby!

Both the boys have open evenings after school tomorrow, so lets hope that it's good news all round there. Ryan never puts any effort into his school work at all, and he knows that his games console is being taken away indefinitely if he has a bad report tomorrow, so that should be fun for all concerned! Last time we took it off him for bad behaviour he packed his bags and phoned his Grandma crying about how unfair life is. Don't you just love teenagers? I remember being much the same. I just ignore him when he's like that, best way to deal with it.

I'll leave you with some pictures I've taken this week. I'm finding it hard to get out with the camera at the moment so haven't taken many.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A weekend of injuries

Pete was going out with the lads on Friday night and planning on staying at a friends, so I had the nice prospect of a bed to myself and a takeaway for me and the kids. I have no idea what I did, but at some point in the evening the lower right side of my back completely seized up. I couldn't walk at all, or put any weight on my left leg(but the pain was transferred to the right). I put a heat pad on and went to sleep, hoping lots of rest would help. Pete ended up coming home at 3am and waking me up as he'd lost his friends. I had a hot bath in the morning and was able to get my foot about three inches off the floor, so we went out for breakfast, and again it totally seized up. I ended up spending most of Saturday and Sunday resting with Pete, the kids and my Mum running around helping me. I called the midwives for advice, being so close to labour, and they were useless. They suggested I come in to be induced early. Why on earth would anyone want to go through hours of labour when they are in pain already? I couldn't even roll over in bed, let alone get comfortable during contractions! Him coming early was the last thing I wanted at that point. I obviously declined their kind offer, and sent Pete out to get me some nice strong painkillers, which make me feel like I am happily drunk. I have no spacial awareness on them at all, and have burned myself twice making hot drinks, and can't cross the road without walking out in front of a car, but at least I can actually walk now. I managed the school run this morning(had a friend do it for me yesterday though so I could rest), dosed up on drugs, and it was manageable. Hilariously, Pete sprained his ankle at football on Sunday morning so he's been hobbling around and popping the pills too. I've been joking with him saying that he couldn't bear me getting all the attention.