Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thought I'd better do a huge June update, seeing as I haven't been able to do one for well over a month!

I went to a friends wedding right at the beggining of June. I met Molly online about 6 years ago, when she was pregnant with her daughter Betsy, and my Isobel was just a baby. We are part of a huge group on Facebook, where we all chat and generally cause mischief, so loads of us 'imaginary friends' went to her wedding.

Our friend Anna, in the red top, took the wedding photos, and Molly looked stunning!

I got to stay on Nick, the guy in one of the photos, house boat on the Thames. We all stayed over, drank far too much, and crawled to a local cafe for a fry up the next day. Staying on the boat was the highlight of the weekend, it was brilliant, and Nick was a great host. However, the sound of Coots screeching outside your window as they bob up and down on the water is not an attractive sound when you've drank your own bodyweight in vodka and had 3 hours sleep.

At the end of May, Isobel went to Sony in London with her friend jake, and they got to test a new super secret PS3 game, and got paid for it! Isobel decided to spend her hard earned pennies on some guinea pigs, so Pete and I gave her some more money towards it to buy a hutch, and now we have these cute little guys, Godwin & Arthur:

The weather has been a bit touch and go the rest of the month, so we've either been stuck indoors, or making a mad dash to the local park before it rains again, then a mad dash home when it does!