Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sad Times

My bike Cosmo has died after only 5 weeks. We only had him serviced this week. Now he's had it. RIP Cosmo. :(


Well, I have finally found time to upload our holiday pictures. I've been a busy little bee at work since we got home.

So, we set off for the airport with trepidation...what was Kit going to be like on the flight? Since he learnt to walk he has turned from this quiet, mild mannered child into a moaning, screeching, can't-sit-still dervish. Nothing placates him. He hates food, throws toys, hates to have his hand held and hits old people/cats/babies for fun. In short, he is a massive pain. How on earth would I get him to sit quietly on my lap for four hours?

Well, he cried for about 20 minutes, in which time everyone on the plane stared at me, then slept the rest of the way. We had those lovely seats at the front with lots of leg room, which for me was great because I'm a giant. When we arrived it was about 6am, and it was at this point we found out that our holiday company hadn't bothered to book us any transfers. So we were stuck at the airport with grumpy children(and a grumpy husband) and had to fork out extra to pay for a taxi. The transfer itself was hellish, and we started to be thankful that we weren't in a crowded mini bus at this point. It was about a 2 hour drive and it was all up a mountain that can only be described as something out of the set of Indiana Jones. We had wheels hanging off the cliff more than once, I swear.

Checking out the crib;

First view of Turunc bay at daybreak.

The hotel had receievd some pretty scathing reviews online, but seeing as we'd done this before; booked a hotel in Jamaica that was practically condemed in reviews and was actually great, we weren't too worried. It looked fine and our room was great, one of the best and biggest we've ever stayed in. Everyone had a little snooze, but Kit wouldn't settle so I took him for a walk down to the beach at about 8am.

My boys

Icecream face

The mosque. I'm missing the regular singing actually. Never thought I'd say that. Although it was quite annoying at 5am.

Basically the holiday went like this; sleep in late, sunbathe & swim, drink beer, eat dinner, take kids for a wander along the seafront at night, eat icecream, then drink too much wine on the balcony. It was honestly the most carefree, relaxing holiday I think we've ever had, I came back so rested. Ryan had a great time as he was old enough to have a bit more freedom. He made some freinds and went clubbing. Taylor lived in the pool, we hardly saw him. The only down side was Isobel came out with Chicken Pox spots half way through the holiday, so we had to cover her up quite a lot.

Kit looking out of our glass balcony

We escaped for the evening - the only plus side to having a teenager on holiday!

Playing Snap!

We were very brave and took the kids out for dinner. They ALL behaved impeccably. Yes, even Kit.

Kit having a fight with a bush

Spotty girl!

Scary mountainous trip home.