Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ooooh...pretty lightning!

We are currently in the midst of a wicked storm. We've not had one all summer, I've been waiting ages for one. I love them at this time of night too, dark enough to watch, and they don't disrupt ours or the kids sleep. We let them stay up until it's finished, to watch the lightning, then off to bed they go.
We've had mostly sheet lightning, but the few forks we have had have been huge. Some of them were purple! I love it.

It's just started up again, this must be the second storm. I can't believe that Isobel hasn't woken up though, she's sleeping like a log in there. The rain is so loud I can't hear the thunder.

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Dan said...

The one that carried on flashing till 10pm kept Jaysen awake, and then the rain on the roof kept him awake till gone 11pm, so now at half seven he's a REAL bucket of fun.