Saturday, September 16, 2006


I'm bored, so I ran away with myself and typed some random stuff. 'Get to know Laney better' kind of stuff. :)

My step mum Pauline is my role model, she has been since the age of about 7. She is a true Goth, and not the teenage kind that thinks they are cool because they are miserable and wear black, she is a real Goth.
I always remember the first time my Dad introduced me to her. She was beautiful, about 28, with jet black spiked hair and bright red lipstick. She bought me a tiny gold ring at a craft fair and I still have it. She did some modeling back then and Dad still has her portfolio at home. I wish I had some of her portfolio online, the pictures are amazing. The most glamorous thing about her is her ability to look comfortable and radiant everyday in scarlet red lipstick. I could never pull it off.

She has taught me everything I know over the years. My interest in architecture, history, gardening, spirituality and Astrology, fashion and makeup, derelict houses and renovation, jewelry, antiques and music, was learnt from and directly influenced by her. I feel incredibly lucky to have been introduced to such an interesting and cultured life as a child that I may have never noticed otherwise.
They never had children of their own together, and she makes me laugh with Isobel as she has no idea what children do at certain ages. She often asks me such gems as 'can she use the big toilet yet', and will ask Isobel if she wants a cup of coffee. One day she'll turn around and say yes!

Here's a picture of her taken last summer with Ibby.

Pauline had breast cancer a few years ago and she fought it with such dignity and was never too scared to talk about it with me or the children. When she was diagnosed I was devastated. Thankfully she pulled through, and has been clear for about four years. I thank whoever it is up there everyday that she got better. I'm so thrilled Isobel will get to know and love her like I do, she's such a positive role model. It's a shame she never had children of her own.

Also, she gives the best hugs. :)

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Lara said...

you *know* I have to meet her, don't you?

If nothing else, than to apportion some blame for making you such a nutjob ;o)

Seriously tho' Ted, she sounds lovely and I can't wait to meet her someday...