Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unlucky, Bitch!

Your tactics aren't working!

Sian just called Ryan, and was immediately shitty with him on the phone. This means her facade has fallen away, she has snapped and reverted back to her usual self, and Ryan could actually see it for once.

To give you an idea of the way shes been trying to manipulate him recently, I'll tell you a little story; She hates him playing football, good witness children don't mix with other 'wordly' children. When he moved in with us we got him straight into a team, but he needed his birth certificate to play his first match so he asked for it in December. In January we were still waiting and she kept lying and stalling about where it was, and whether she'd sent it. Ryan called his Mum for the final time in February to ask about the certificate as he needed it for the following day. She said she hadn't even looked for it. He was so upset that he cried. We called the team manager and explained the situation, he was great and said that our child benefit letter and a letter from Ryan's school would be enough. Ryan called his Mum in anger and told her not to bother as he was playing anyway. This annoyed her as the whole reason for delaying the certificate was to stop him from joining the team. He'd been stopped from mixing with normal children at her house and she was trying to do it here. Fast forward to now and the whole love bombing escapade, she knows that football is his life so has developed an all consuming need to encourage him. She calls him everyday asking about his football, it's vomit inducing! The whole thing is an act to show him how much she loves him. Blueeergh!

Anyway, I think she expected him to have fallen for her love attack by now and move back in with her, because the worm has turned. She no longer cares about his football, and the abuse has started back up again. She's like a petulant child, who has fluttered her eyelashes at her Daddy for a treat, and when that tactic hasn't worked she's thrown a tantrum. She didn't say a single nice word to Ryan on the phone just then, it was all attitude. Also, Holly(she's five) was made to speak to Ryan about the meetings, and she asked Ryan if he still loved Jehovah. Ryan was really good and told her he didn't care and wasn't interested. That's awful, making a 5 year old do your religious brainwashing for you. She makes me sick.
I'm pleased Ryan realised what she was doing though. Good lad!


Dan said...

I've never liked mind games, but when they're used on kids, it's even MORE frustrating. That woman deserves to be shot - I was reading through your archives the other day and couldn't believe the crap she's pulled. Kudos to you for sticking through it - I'd have snapped at the silly cow by now!

And without going off on one, yet another reason why I have organised religion so much :)

Lara said...

ooh, that'll make me be SOOOO much nicer to her next time I answer the phone in your place and it's her!


Laney said...

She is eviiilll! I wish she'd get struck down by the plague or something.