Monday, January 10, 2011

Go karting

Taylor had go karting vouchers for christmas from my Mum, and he nagged us like mad to take him as soon as the holidays were over, and we finally relented the first week in January. Thankfully the track is indoors, but it is still bloody freezing!
Kit enjoys watching the karts though, anything with wheels and he is happy.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011!

I am keeping my fingers very tightly crossed that this year will be better. We seem to have one good year, then one bad year. We are due a good one, so I hope the pattern follows. Of course, that means that this time next year I'll have a terrible one to look forward to!

We went to a party at a friends for New Years Eve. We took Kit with us and put him to bed in his travel cot, and he was a massive pain in the rear and we had to take it in turns to sit with him for a while. Our friends 8 month old was also there, and he went straight to sleep. Maybe Archie can give Kit sleeping lessons.

We have loads to get done this year, and what better time to take stock of it all than the first day. We have so much to do in the house to finish it, and as soon as we do stuff, new things break or blow up. We still have the floor to lay in the living room, skirting and coving to put up, painting the whole of the downstairs, swapping bedrooms around, and recarpeting the upstairs. I just wish I could wake up and it was all done! We are both at risk of losing our jobs, again, so are desperately searching for more work without much luck, and of course we cant decorate with no money. We are plodding through it all slowly though.