Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dangerous to your health.

Kids, that is. I'm sure they're trying to kill me and send me to an early grave. Do they not know I have a weak heart? It's skipping about all over the place now.

Ryan stressed us all out earlier as he forgot his door key, so when he got home from school he was locked out. I was at the park with Lara and the rest of the kidlets, so when we got back home the arrogant questions started. We did not appreciate being bombarded with 'Where have you been?' and 'I need to be told when you are going out' from a 12 year old. So he got a bollocking for the attitude. Then he tells us he'd fallen out with his mates at school, hence the bad mood. Apologies all round.

Then, it started to get dark so I went to get Taylor in from playing football. Not there. I've already left the house unattended with Isobel in bed alone(Pete is out) to look over the park. So I knock at Georgie's, no answer. I knock at Wendy's next door, no Taylor, but her daughter offers to sit with Isobel. I wandered round the whole estate, then try Georgie's again. They answer this time and tell me that he was there, he's just gone home. The little sod! All he had to do was tell me earlier where he was going. Of course he's all apologetic now that he's been grounded, but if he'd put some thought into it in the first place it wouldn't have happened.

So apart from this evening I've had a lovely day. We went into town, had lunch, went to baby group then on to the park. I'm hoping to go swimming tomorrow, if I get time.

Look at them, like butter wouldn't melt.

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