Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pete's had some really good job news, we're both really excited. A company has seen his CV, and have put him forward for an awesome job. It's in North London, has a company car, and pays above what we need with a 25% bonus on top. Also, it's an Australian finance company, so there may(and I say this very tentatively), be a chance to re-locate a long way in the future. The position is similar to an Area Manager(what he does now), travelling to sites to do training, and sorting staffing issues. It sounds promising. Also, if he gets a company car I can have his car. I'll be mobile, at last!

Ryan is coming home tomorrow. He told Pete he'd had a long think about his behaviour while he's been away, and he can see his destructive behaviour and wants to change it. Lets hope this is a new start for him. I don't want him to make the same mistakes his Mum has in life. She's not a popular person, even her own Mother and Sister can't stand her. She told him he's been an angel this week, he was a little shit when he lived with her, so it shows her we're doing a good job parenting him.

Work was good today, I've been busy booking theatre trips and holidays. I'm very lucky to have such a fun job. The kids are back to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. I love the summer holidays so I'm sad it's over, it's back to the daily routine.

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Nancyrowina said...

Love the picture of the little girl in your sidebar. :)