Friday, September 29, 2006


The thunder last night kept me awake until 2.30am, so today I feel like crap. It was only a tiny storm, but very loud. It really echoed around the streets here when it was right overhead. Of course, the kids slept through the lot. Once the thunder had gone, the heavy rain kept me awake. Bloody weather!

I'm at work, in my boss' office, typing up his appraisal for him. He's pretty much computer illiterate, and as I'm the fastest typist in the building it's all down to me. I don't mind, it's peaceful in here!

Ryan is now totally sick of his Mum's anticts again. I just hope he remembers this time that she will not change. If she says she has changed, it's a lie. It's horrible, to have to think that your Mum is a bitch, but she hangs herself with her own noose. We don't have to do anything to make him hate her. She called him giving him more grief about bloody Jehovah last night. Being nice hasn't worked, so she's gone back to plan A; guilt him into submission. He is supposed to be seeing her in December but he's now not sure if he wants to go. That will be the start of another war if he tells her no.


Lara said...

In my weary and sleepy state that thunder scared the shit out of me last night - but because of my sleep paralysis I wasn't sure if I'd dreamed it - I'm glad it wasn't just my imagination!

And as for Sian, well, my mum always said "God pays debts without money" so I'm sure her actions will be biting her on the arse and she'll end up a very lonely old woman, unless we want to give her and my father more pennance and match them up when they're old and lonely, then they can spend forever in hell together, and have a bloody good moan about it. Fuck 'em both...

Laney said...

I HATE sleep paralysis! I've not had it for a year or so now, I can usually tell when I'm going into it and rouse myself before it's too late, but still the thought terrifies me. I see demons when I get it. *scaredy* I know they aren't real, but I still crap my pants.