Friday, February 19, 2010

Half term - bit late!

Running a bit late posting this, but whats new! I'm not known for my time keeping.

We went to Wat Tyler on the Monday with Sam & Harvey, made birdhouses and let the kids run riot in the park. Spring has definitely sprung here now, it's been lovely to see a bit of sunshine and get washing dry outside.

On the Tuesday Taylor had some money from his birthday from his Dad, so he got to do his one true love - Karting! He was actually really bloody good. Shame we aren't rich and unable to afford his own kart, we could have the next Lewis Hamilton on our hands.

The rest of the week the kids ran wild, beating each other up, being messy - the usual.

Serious baby!

Ryan and Taylor both went to stay with various family members for a few days at the tail end of the week, so our food shopping bill was instantly halved. Which was nice.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Birthday Meal

We took the whole tribe out for a Chinese for Taylor's birthday yesterday. His actual 11th birthday isn't until Monday though.

Isobel in a party dress and biker boots. Stylish!

We haven't been able to all go out for about a year, because there wasn't room in the car! Now that Ryan has his bike, he just follows us there. It's excellent.

This course is going to be the death of me

Having a bit of a wobble over my course this week. My last two essays have had clear passes, so the actual grade isn't the problem(though higher would be nice of course, I was used to getting 80% last year!), but it seems as though my tutor is marking someone elses essays. Her comments don't correspond at all, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

On essay 2, I had to investigate three websites for barriers such as structural, environmental and attitudnal, and I decided to look at the three sites under each heading so they could be compared to each other, rather than just investigating each website seperately. She just couldn't see it at all, even though the question asked us to analyse them and compare them to each other, she seemed to think I hadn't set it out properly. The worst one was the last one, essay 3, where she has commented on my use of a case study that I haven't even alluded to. I'm sure she isn't even reading them. :(

I'm pretty sure asking for a re-mark will be a bad thing, because then the tutor will be annoyed with me, and probably give me worse marks anyway. Should I just be happy with my passes? Don't know what to dooooooo.

The next essay is awful, just awful, and I think I'm going to ask to substitute it. The question is;
Drawing on evidence from online government statistics and at least one other online resource, outline current trends in the provision of home care and discuss the implications of these trends for the ways in which people obtain care and support for themselves.

I'm already a week behind on the coursewwork as it is!