Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm just inundated with the stuff...not! I don't think I'll bother next year, it just doesn't want to grow without the sun. I don't think we are ever going to get another hot summer again. This is the grand total of my sweetcorn crop this year:

Last weekend we went for a lovely walk in the woods at Thorndon, Sam & Harvey came and Pete even had a day off work, which is a rarity. I had a whale of a time looking for mushrooms, didn't find anything edible though. We saw loads and loads, but they were all nasty ones, albeit very beautiful.

I just got interrupted whilst typing this because my new childminder was knocking on the door.

If you've noticed the 'new childminder' part, it's a long story, the old one lost the plot last week and said awful things about me to Pete, then she told me Pete was lying when I confronted her.

Anyway, the new childminders daughter has chicken pox, my two haven't had it, and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I wish they would catch it, Taylor is almost ten and hasn't caught it yet, just not now. It can harm the baby before 20 weeks.

Oh well, no point stressing about it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am alive...just

I've had the lurgies all week, caught from Isobel via the childminder, so have been pretty miserable. I've started being sick today too. Isn't morning sickness supposed to stop at twelve weeks? I'm fifteen weeks on fair!

I did a trip to Leeds Castle with my work a few weeks ago at short notice, one of my colleagues was meant to do it but couldn't. Thankfully we had a few spare seats on the coach so the whole family, minus Ryan who no longer ventures out in daylight(seriously-why do teenage boys do that?), came out for the day.
I'd been here about 12 years ago with my Dad, and I remembered they had the greatest maze, so I dragged everyone in there. Forty minutes later and we were still wandering round getting vexed. We found the entrance again and poor pregnant me escaped to the loo, before we braved it again, and finally cracked it after about 10 minutes. We stood on the mound in the middle directing other poor lost souls for a while too.

You have no idea how gutted I was that this Chicken of the Woods was too high to reach. Pete had to drag me away from the tree kicking and screaming. I even tried knocking it off with a stick, but even my 6ft frame was no match.

Isobel looking very small at the base of a gigantic tree

I ended up at the hospital a week or so ago as I was bleeding, but after making me wait all weekend for a scan, worrying about what we were going to find out, I finally got seen on Monday. Everything looks good in there;

Pete's football team have recently split into two halves, he's now playing for the old farts side, Landsdowne Vets. They organised a charity match against each other in aid of St Luke's Hospice so I volunteered to help out and do face painting. I'll let you guess which side won! The face painting kept me busy while Pete played football and the kids pretended they were at the Olympics by running round the athletics track. Isobel ran round it twice...she's nuts!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not much to say

I'm having a blog slump, don't really have much to say, and am feeling a bit under the weather. Boo. :(

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am's official.

I sent off the application to start studying for a degree with the Open University yesterday. It starts in October, when I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. Fun times.
I'm actually really excited. I love learning and researching anyway, I do it in my spare time for fun, so doing it with a goal in mind will be great. I hope I can find the 16 hours a week needed for study. The boys are going to seriously have to start pulling their weight around here. It's an honours degree in Health & Social care, and my wonderful employer is paying for it.

I have a pretty action packed week this week. I have a lovely new sofa being delivered on Thursday(well, not strictly new, but it is new to us), then Pete's Mum is coming to stay for a few days on Friday. I have a trip to Leeds Castle on Saturday, Sam's birthday meal that evening, then a charity football event on Sunday with Pete's team. The kids are also back to school over the next few days so we need to get back into some kind of routine, well, one that doesn't involve staying up until 1am watching Family Guy anyway.