Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I've been thinking about things I like and what I'm into because of the gift exchange. Some of my loves are a little strange. I'm mad about derelict houses. This isn't going to help my DGE partner much, but thinking about it made me wonder why the attraction is so strong. When I look at a building in a state of disrepair(in the flesh or even in photos), it gets me in the stomach. It's like falling in love. I want to scoop it up like a child and bandage it's cuts and grazes. Pete laughs at me, but understands, and has trudged around in many tumbledown and dangerous buildings. He thinks that if I owned one, I'd restore it, and wouldn't love it anymore. Maybe he's right. I love the Romanticism and vulnerability.
I just searched for my favourite house on the Buidings at Risk Register. I've been in love with this place for years. It's called Bylaugh Hall, and it looked like this;

I couldn't find it in the register, so used a photo from my hard drive. I panicked that it had been demolished, then searched Google. Look what I found; Someone beat me to it. I actually squealed when I saw it! Guess I'll have to find a new house to dream about.

Update! I've found IT!. Looks like it's going to be demolished though. I'd better win the lottery, quick.


Nikki-ann said...

If you like derelict houses you might enjoy this website -

It's amazing how some beautiful buildings are left to waste away or be knocked down.

Laney said...

Ooooh...thanks. That's exactly my kind of place. I do lots of those little walk arounds myself.

Anonymous said...

Bylaugh hall isn't going to be around for much longer is this site is correct, and I think it is.

Anonymous said...

the other coment is right the actual hall has been reposesed and been terribely restored.