Friday, September 15, 2006

Freaky Friday...

We've had more spooky goings on at work today. When I started there, it seemed to be happening a lot. It calmed down for a while, but now it's back. The weirdest incident was when a two pence coin materialised in front of a colleagues face and flew past my ear. We all saw it. We also get noises in the bathroom of someone following us in(there are two cubicles), locking the other door, sitting down, pulling the toilet roll, then...nothing. When you look the cubicle is empty. It's happened three times now, it happened to me for the second time today(Jacqui has heard it once too). I hate locking up, and even worse I have to wait there alone for two hours next Thursday. That should be fun. I'm taking a trip out at 6.30pm, but all the staff and customers leave at 4 ish. I'm planning on getting a take-away and sitting there alone. If I take my camera I may catch a ghostie!

I went on a training course yesterday, it was supposed to be customer service training, but was more like a counselling session. It's in two parts, and the first part was looking at your self-esteem and awareness. It was about changing your personality from negative to positive, and influencing others. I loved it, and have no problem examining my flaws(of which there are many), but a lot of people hated it. I did, however, feel very raw and exposed when I returned to work in the afternoon. As part of the course we had to chose a spiritual name for ourselves that represented who we are. If we struggled she helped us choose one(the tutor was amazing). I chose The Nurturer, as I enjoy guiding my children and watching them change and grow. I especially enjoy seeing Ryan change from what his Mother made him(which trust me is not good), into what I hope we are making him. The Sculptor may have been another good one for me, moulding clay. She suggested that I should have sunshine in my name, as we need sunshine to grow. So, I became Nurturing Sunshine. It was very cool!


Dan said...

I'm a mid-line skeptic. I've had a lot of odd crap happen to me over the years, some of which has really freaked me out, but I half-heartedly attempt to justify it, even though I know deep down that what I am saying is clinging to straws.

As for the course - wow. The things companies put you through these days. When I worked at SmellyWest, they tried to do similar things, but most of us took the piss.

Dan said...

Forgot to add - a good friend of mine often has a psychic come to her house and do readings for her - she has a lot of very odd stuff going on in there. I can prolly get his number from her if you like, see if he'll come to the office and have a lookie-see.