Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun night out

Sam and I, very drunk!

I was invited out for Sam's birthday last night, so off I went to stay round Ali's house in Rayleigh. We got ready round there, had a few drinks and walked to catch the train to London. We ended up in Soho and Leicester Square, and set up camp in a gay bar with a happy hour. Doubles were only £2.50, so we were drinking them like it was going out of fashion. We hooked up with this crazy guy called Kenny, who looked like one of the ChuckleBrothers. He was amazing, a total nutter, he made the night really. He even texted us twice this morning to make sure we got home OK. Bless him. We had a bit of a boogie, Sam poked Ali in the eye, and this morning she couldn't see. It's all good fun until somebody gets hurt!

Me with Ali, before the eye incident;

Us squealing on the rickshaw:

We got a rickshaw back to the station and the cyclist was swerving across the road trying to make us laugh. It worked as we screamed the whole way back, we were in hysterics. We also nearly missed the last train home, we caught it with seconds to spare. We got the train home with two French guys who couldn't understand a word we were saying, and we were sat opposite the fashion crime of the century. This girl had on pink and white zebra patterned leggings. Classy.

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