Thursday, September 28, 2006

World War 3

Yes, it has broken out in my home. It happens every Thursday when I haul my arse out of bed and go to work. The very finely tuned vehicle that is our house breaks down and the wheels all fall off.

Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when Pete gets home from his job, the house is in a reasonable state, tea is cooked, and he sits down and plays the PS2 or surfs the net.

On Thursdays I come home to this:

How I haven't murdered them all yet I'll never know. When they saw my face drop as I walked in the door they all jumped up and tidied, but why couldn't they have done it before I got home and it ruined my day?


Lara said...

I saw a programme on tv once where this bloke's teenage daughter's room was such a pigsty he told her if she didn't tidy it up he'd post it all over the net, to name and shame. He now has a regular photograph update slot somewhere in interwebland to make sure she keeps it tidy as all he mates have the details of the site(now, if I could only remember where...).

Dan said...

Looks like my place on a regular basis ;)