Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's never quiet here

Why can't we have an easy life? :)

Pete was getting ready to go to the Gym last night, and I was chatting to him(in other words, hurrying him out the door so I could have the PC to myself), when Ryan runs in covered in blood shouting "My eye, my eye!". We thought he'd had a fight at first, but it turns out that he'd been wrestling with a girl and her keyring had pierced the skin and got caught. I had to get him to stop crying, which was no mean feat let me tell you, as the tears were stinging. He soon recovered and went back out with his mates, but woke up with a wicked black eye today. We've been calling him Eyepatch ever since. Here is Ryan, who had a fight with a keyring, and lost!

The Council sent round a plumber who unblocked the drains outside our block, so I now have full use of my kitchen again. It was a joyous occasion, as it was getting dangerously close to DEFCON 1, which is the level at which Mum Walks Out And Never Returns.

We've finalised our mortgage today, we've got an excellent interest rate so our credit rating must be higher than we thought. We expected to have rows with them about that, so were pleasantly surprised. We are building Ryan a bedroom downstairs in the next month or so, and doing the kitchen, at last, after the wedding. I can't wait. Our kitchen sucks.

It will go from this Council standard issue crumbling monstrosity:

To this free standing Ikea dream:

Pete had some unlucky, but ultimately fateful news today. Yesterday he got the date through for his Blackwell's interview, he has to go to London on the 12th April.

He also had a telephone interview for Halfords two weeks ago. As we haven't heard we presumed they didn't like him. They got back to him today to invite him for a interview. On the 12th of April.

Doh!! He's had to turn them down, and as it's an assessment centre the succesful candidate will be selected on that day and offered the job, so there is no chance to reschedule. Oh well. It's given him a confidence boost if nothing else.


Thursday said...

Believe me, your current kitchen is far, far better than mine at the House of Gloom and I'd bet good money your bathroom's luxurious in comparison to mine.

Laney said...

Trust me, that photo was taken on a good day. Hahaha! My bathroom normally looks, well, like three kids and a very messy man have trashed it!