Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's our 7 year anniversary today. I can't believe it, that is such a long time, and for us to still be happy is a miracle. I normally get so bored of people, usually after a couple of years. I still laugh at his jokes and he still pinches my bum when I'm not expecting it, so it's all good.

Pete was the Manager of Office World, now Staples, when we first met. Two of my best girlfriends were working at his store. We went on a girly night out and they kept talking about how nice the new manager was, and they dragged me down to check him out the next day. I had Taylor with me, and he was only one at the time. Pete took him by the hand and was helping him to walk up and down the aisles as he couldn't walk unaided yet, and of course my heart melted.

About a week later his store had a staff night out and my two friends invited me. Pete and I got chatting, talked about our boys, and ended up kissing. I clearly remember at one point everything seemed to stop and go silent in the club, and I got this amazing feeling of standing still in time. It was kind of like a twilight zone, and he felt it too as we talked about it some time afterwards. We looked into each others eyes, and we both say we knew right then that this was it.
We both had BAD relationships at the time(but neither were serious). I had an abusive boyfriend, and the girl that he was seeing kept threatening to kill herself when he tried to break up with her. Meeting each other was the push we needed to sort our lives out.

After a month of spending a little time together, we got together, fell head over heels in love and moved in together within 5 months. I've never been happier, and we still have so much fun together. We've been enaged for what seems like forever(I think it was 5 years on Christmas Day), and are finally tying the knot this year.
This is a picture of us at some point in our first year together, we look so young!

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