Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Glad today is over with... I can have a rest!

Our car was hit today while Pete was sat waiting at temporary traffic lights by some roadworks, by one of the workmen on a quad bike! They've given us the run around, refusing to pay, or give us their insurance details, so Pete called Essex County Council, who've contracted the firm out, and who Pete also works for. He spoke to the Highways Manager, who is obviously mates with the building firm manager and on a backhander, as he was rude on the phone and unhelpful, so Pete pulled rank, told him who he was and started quoting Council Health & Safety procedures. Jobsworth manager then shits himself and starts doing his job properly. Hopefully this won't be too difficult to sort out

Taylor had to go and give video evidence at the Police station tonight, about those two traveller children punching him in the face last month. It was quite an adventure, the two police men were lovely and flirted mercilessly with me. :D

He was interviewed by CID, and Taylor was an absolute legend. He had CID running around making him cups of tea. At the beginning of the recording the man asked him to give examples of a truth and a lie, so Taylor said that the chair was red as a truth, and then the chair was grey as a lie. Then, the man asked him what happens when you lie, and Taylor said "My Dad will smack me". I just about died laughing.

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