Monday, March 05, 2007

Missing you

I'm really missing my Nan this week. I have no idea why. Little things keep reminding me of her. Both myself and my Mum both have these huge ungainly hands, but my Nan had elegant tapered fingers and really soft skin. Isobel has her hands, and every time I hold her hand and look at it I think of Nan. It's a nice memory, and it will hurt less with time, but right now it's still quite raw. I held my Nan's hand when I went to see her in the Chapel of Rest, and it's one of the imprints left in my mind of her. I know a lot of people don't like to view the body, but for me it's important.

I'm going to find it hard at our wedding reception, obviously she couldn't be at the ceremony as she was too old to fly that far, but it was important to us for her to be at the reception. I wish we'd done it sooner. She adored Pete and would've been really proud. Isobel talks about her all the time, but she will forget her. If she sees anyone walking with a stick she'll shout 'Nanny Farm!', and we all laugh.

My Grandad would have loved the kids, he loved chasing me and scaring me as a kid. He pretended to be this grumpy old man like Victor Meldrew, but he adored me. I was the only grandchild for about 13 years and I was spoilt rotten. He died the day after my 18th Birthday in 1998.

Here are some photos of my Grandad in his youth.

Here are some photos of my Nan & Grandad in Australia visiting my Uncle Victor in the 80's. They flew out there quite a few times when I was a child.

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