Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poor Unfortunate Dog

We were talking about dogs in work this morning, and Val my colleague told me about her friend Linda’s Rottweiler.
Linda went on holiday a few years ago on her own to visit her father in the US, and when she came back her husband had bought 3 Rottweiler puppies, Diesel, Rio and Paris. She really wasn’t happy about it, and managed to rehome Diesel a few years ago. Paris and Rio had some puppies at some point, and now that they had moved to a smaller house Linda had put her foot down and said that they had to rehome Rio. They found a home quite quickly, the man came to collect him, but then changed his mind and said that he was too boisterous and he didn’t want him. They found him another home, but within two days he was back as the wife was allergic to him. They then decided to take him to a shelter, but half way there the husband had a change of heart and turned around. It was then decided that Rio would go to the vets to be put to sleep, but their son said he would take the dog to a shelter near his home the next day, and claim to have found him wandering in the local fields.
The son comes the next day and takes Rio to this rescue centre, the woman opens the door and screams “Stanley, my Stanley, where did you find him?” The son just stuck to his story and said he’d found him, and walked away. So, somewhere out there is a dog being called Stanley, who hasn’t a clue what is going on. Do you think the woman will ever notice that this isn’t her Stanley? I know Rottweilers can all look pretty similar, but surely they have their own mannerisms? What if the real Stanley comes home?
I absolutely cracked up when she told me, but I’m glad the dog has found a home, even if it is as ‘Stanley’!

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