Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone watch the Eclipse last night? I haven't seen one for a few years so it was cool to watch. We had our friends Jane and Spooky(I have no idea why he's called that) and their two girls over for a few drinks last night, so we all sat outside freezing our arses off. I felt pretty much worse for wear already yesterday as I'd been out all night on the Friday with my friend Allie. Pete went out with his football team to London and I went to Allie's boyfriends club night in Southend. I had a wicked time, but danced a little too hard to the techno and my feet are aching like mad today. I met a lovely couple called Shelley & Ossie, they were really cool, so I must try and stay in touch with them. I might text her tonight, before she forgets who I am! I didn't get home until 8am Saturday morning, my Mum had stayed here over night with the kids, and Pete was mega hungover after getting in at 3am, so I had to try and keep my eyes open until 11am when we changed shifts. Ryan and Pete have gone to play football today, so I'm here with the other two kids chilling out.
So it's back to the weekly grindstone tomorrow of school runs, childminding and working, although I still have another days annual leave next week to use up so I'll only be in for one day(yay!!).

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