Sunday, April 01, 2007

I can't wait...

...for the football season to be over! Ryan has finished his, his team won their league. Pete doesn't have long left of his, and his team are second for the first time in about 5 years. They are so used to losing, this winning streak feels a bit weird. I can't wait to have Sundays back so we can do stuff together.

Yesterday we went to Ikea to look at the kitchens. The one I like is even better close up, I want it now! Pete wants us to wait until after the wedding, so we have something to look forward to. If he gets a new job and has to go away, we will have to do it sooner, as I won't be able to do it all alone with 3 kids to look after. The thought fills me with dread.

Afterwards, we went to the cemetery. I had some Gladioli bulbs, wildflower seeds, and pansies to plant. I guarantee they'll all be dead the next time we go. It's so sandy and dry over there, I had to dig in a whole bag of compost first. I've planted them now in hopes that we have a normal wet April, which will keep them alive. It's a beautiful Victorian garden cemetery, and very peaceful. There are lots of wind chimes over there, which add to the atmosphere.

So that's it really, back to the grind-stone tomorrow. I have tons of ironing to do tonight, so I might make a start on it now, even though I want to curl up and have a nap with Isobel.


Thursday said...

I suggest Californian poppy seeds - they grow in really thin soil, self-seed, look really pretty (although they do get a bit 'leggy' by the end of the season), require little watering and roll themselves up nicely in the evening to open up again the next day.

Laney said...

Ooooh...thanks for that tip. I'm off to the garden centre next weekend so I'll see if I can get some. I love poppies anyway, they're probably one of the prettiest flowers you can grow. It's a shame they don't last long in a vase.