Monday, March 19, 2007


I haven't done much today, I just went down the town with the little 'uns in the double buggy.

It's been bitterly cold here today, the wind was biting. We hadn't had any snow, then at 3pm on the dot, while I was outside the school talking to Dan, the heavens opened. Taylor took his tracksuit bottoms off earlier to play football out the front(no, he wasn't playing footie in the nude, he had shorts on underneath), and the wind blew them away!

I'm getting really really bored of this exercise thing. Every day it's the same crappy food, and the same boring exercise, and although I'm getting somewhere at a snails pace, I've had enough.
I just want to be fat and happy. :(
I got on the scales on Sunday morning, and I'd lost 4lbs. "Whohoooo!" I thought, as I've been putting in all this effort and the scales haven't shifted for about 5 weeks. It was nice to be moving again. Then today, I hop back on the scale, and I'm back up 4lbs. What the hell is that all about? I can only presume I was very dehydrated on Sunday, and now I've gained back the water weight I'd lost. Bugger.

Still I can't be too glum as I've lost 17lbs since New Years and gone down about 4 inches round the waist, but bizarrely am still the same clothes size.

Damn you childbearing hips! *shakes fist*

Here's a quick photo of my two telly addicts earlier today.


Kate said...

LOL @ Damn you childbearing hips! *shakes fist*

I often think the same thing. If I ever lose weight it all comes off the top half of my body, the rest of me stays exactly the same size. How can that be!

Laney said...

I know, it's so depressing.

Since having my first and second child, with a five year gap between, I've put on two stone, but remained the same size. Which means as I lose that two stone, I'm not going down a size either.
:( Not very motivational!