Monday, March 26, 2007

Great Timing

As always, things always go wrong or break in our house when we haven't got a penny to our name. We have one more payday to go before we have to pay the wedding. I think we have to find another £1000 next payday, which is fine, another month of being poor won't kill us. Of course, it won't be over 'til the fat lady sings, as then we have to find the money for clothes, rings, Bel's passport etc.
We've had a slow leak in our kitchen for a while, and it's eating away at our kitchen units. Because we have put in a Right to Buy on this place, the Council will not carry out any repairs. Last week the water started pouring all over the floor every time we ran the tap or used the washing machine, so we had to start using the launderette. At £20 a time(which just about did two days worth of clothes), it wasn't something we could keep up.

Yesterday, Pete and the boys sat on their arses playing on the X Box all day, and I got more and more pissed off with the mountain of clothes and dishes that couldn't be done. There was no end in sight, and I don't do well when I feel out of control with regards to the house. I got so depressed about it that Pete said we could call a plummer in. So out he came this morning, costing £59 an hour(minus VAT, of course). He fixed it, it broke again, the clock was ticking, water was still pouring out, and I only had £190 on my credit card. I started to get a tiny bit vexed, and eventually he sorted it. After paying £232 that we don't have, I waved him off and put the washing machine on. Would you believe it, when the washing machine empties, the drain backs up again and water trickles out!
When I told Pete he was livid. It wasn't the plumbers fault. He could have stayed and made sure that it was all fixed, but I had to rush him as I had no money to pay the guy. On top of all this, Pete's Dad has gone back into hospital again with chest pains.
Not a good day all in all. I'm trying to look on the bright side. At least I can wash up now, it's just the laundry that's a problem. Nothing ever goes right in our house. :(

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