Saturday, March 24, 2007

The exercise pays off

After moaning last week that I wasn't getting anywhere with this exercising, which I detest, every second of it, today it seems someone up there may have heard my whinging and decided to prove me wrong. I was adamant last week that I wouldn't be going down a dress size, mainly because I'd stayed a 16 for so long, even when I'd lost/gained weight in the past. I seemed to be stuck here. I popped into a shop today and tried on some size 14 jeans. And my goodness, they fit! I haven't fitted into size 14 jeans since the year 2000. So I bought them. *slaps wrist* Well, I had to didn't I? Every time I put them on there will be a little voice in my head saying "You've lost weight". Fabulous. I'm well aware that I may not be a true size 14, and this is probably a fluke and the only pair of "14" jeans in existence that actually fit me. Therefore, I won't be trying on anymore new clothes for a while. I don't want to shatter the illusion.

I've been off the diet all week, having had no motivation and declaring that dieting and exercising was a loads of bollocks. But, I'll be back on it tomorrow, as I now have to get rid of the fat rolls at the top of my new jeans. Yes, they are a teensy bit snug, but I didn't need to lay down and pull the zip up with a coat hanger, which must count for something surely?

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Lara said...

well I thought you'd lost a load - didn't I? I think you've done really well so far - all you need to do is sustain it until July and then hop back into the routine for a last bit of pre-beach exercise and you'll look simply fab (dahhhling!)