Monday, March 26, 2007

On a happier note...

...Spring has sprung in my garden(for now anyway).

I have white onions sprouting;

Lettuce seedlings growing merrily in my lounge, looking more and more edible by the day;

And, my rock garden is flowering! I've never 'done' flowers before, so I'm surprised they haven't died yet.

My spuds have also shown their little sprouts above the surface. I was getting worried about the little guys what with the frosts and snow we've had.

Taylor's school have dug a vegetable garden and asked for volunteers, so I've sown some extra spring onion, lettuce, and leek seeds in a tray to take down there in a few weeks time. They can have some onion sets too that I have left over. I'm hoping to go and help out with the Gardening Club, but I need a Criminal Records Bureau check first(even though I was only checked by Essex County Council two years ago before I did some youth work). It's a huge waste of money, but I guess I should be glad they won't be employing any Ian Huntley's anytime soon.


Thursday said...

I adore gardening but have never ventured into the growing of vegetables. Well done you.

Laney said...

I'm the opposite, confident with veggies and useless with plants and flowers. :)
I'm trying meadow and wildflowers this year, and obviously my sad little rock garden, but they can't be that hard to keep alive, surely?

*famous last words* :)