Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Muddy Gardening

The vegetable growing in the wilds of Basildon has begun in earnest today. I've needed to dig a bigger bed for weeks now for my Lettuce, Sweetcorn and Swede, but the rain and my laziness kept holding me back. Today, while the kids slept, there was glorious sunshine, so I set to it.

The closest bed is the new one, I'm really pleased with the size of both of them now. I should get plenty of veg out of those two. I can see them getting bigger next year, as I grow in confidence. really, I have no idea what the hell I am doing. Ignore the date/time stamps on my photos, my camera was having a bad day.
I now have a huge mound of lumpy clay soil piled up at the end(as you may be able to see), which I had no idea what to do with. Then it hit me, in a flash of inspiration. A rockery! I wanted to grow some herbs in tubs, but why not landscape that mound, chuck in a few rocks and gravel and some alpine plants and herbs? It'll be fab. Exciting or what?

My god, what has my life turned into? :D

Here are my Catriona potatoes, waiting to go in their tubs. I've only planted six, I'm not brave enough for anymore than that!

Unfortunately, today's sun has cruelly tempted me into planting when we are due a frost on Thursday morning, between 3 and 6am. I'll have to cover the onions with newspaper and bring the spuds indoors. I'm putting some seeds in trays indoors tomorrow too, but they'll be nice and warm indoors for a while yet.

I took this picture of Isobel pretending to be a lion today too.

Taylor had his first taste of swimming with his school today, and he got his first ribbon. He couldn't swim at all a few weeks ago, Pete has been taking him occasionally on Saturdays, so hopefully he'll pick it up quite quickly now. He needs to be swimming by the time we go away, or he's going to be pretty miserable having unlimited sea and swimming pools and not being allowed in them!

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