Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nice Day Out

I had another days annual leave today(back to work tomorrow though), so I walked Taylor to school this morning and left Pete to deal with Isobel. Taylor had an assembly this morning so I hung around for that. Considering he's only been there a week, it was nice that he had a part to play in the assembly.
When I got home, as I'd left Pete with strict instructions to get Isobel ready and he'd actually listened(bless!), we were able to leave straight away for our day out. We went over to Leigh on Sea for the day, the weather was glorious, I got some rocks and shells for my rock garden, and found some wild oysters! There were hundreds and hundreds of them, but I was very well behaved and ethical and only took four, as that's enough for Taylor and I.

I haven't quite decided what to do with the little buggers yet, but you know what I'm like for foraging, I couldn't resist them. I'm not keen on them raw, so may fry them in herb butter and have them with pasta.

I had another nice surprise when we came across a derelict building that I've loved for years and always had a soft spot for. Here is a picture of it last year, I think this was taken in April 2006.

And this was it today, all shiny and new. It's been renovated by the Heritage Lottery Fund, so it won't be bulldozed now. I was really pleased when I saw it, if a little jealous. Not that it would ever be big enough for us to all live in, but still, I can dream.

We also got Fish & Chips and an Ice cream, so the diets are out the window for the day. We have done lots of walking to make up for it though. Here is Isobel enjoying her Ice cream.

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