Monday, August 28, 2006

Job search

Random picture time; this is Pete at two years old. Doesn't Isobel look just like him?

I finished Pete's CV last night and applied for about 12 jobs for him. I hope he gets something he's going to enjoy. He'll be in a new job by November, he always finds it easy to get a new job, it's just he never likes what he gets. He hates his current job, and he's only been there a year. Oh well, fingers crossed!

I popped into a community art gallery run by two artist friends of mine(they teach the art classes at my work as a sideline to their 'real' art), and they've asked me to exhibit some of my work. I'll have to get some pieces together by Wednesday though, as the gallery is closing and moving in 6 weeks, and I want a run of at least 5 weeks.

Pete sent Ryan a text yesterday evening, and he still hasn't replied(it's lunchtime now). I've just sent him another one about 20 minutes ago, still no reply. I'm sure he's just having a lot of fun, but we all know how volatile his Mum is. I hope he's not in trouble.

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