Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Durdle door

We visited a place called Durdle Door, what a cool name! We parked up, and then left Pete in the car with Isobel as she was asleep. The boys and I walked to the edge of the cliff and saw this:

What a beautiful view! It was like being in a foreign country. We walked down a VERY steep hill, passing by people with pushchairs, who obviously weren't thinking about that journey back up. The first bay we saw was Man 'o War Bay, which was just stunning. There were lots of kids in dingy boats and people snorkeling:

Just over the ridge was Durdle Door, and it was better than I'd imagined. I just wanted to jump in. We couldn't go down to the beach, as Pete's parking ticket was about to run out and we still had the long hike back, but I've vowed to go back once Isobel is older(minus the pushchair!).

To save time, we decided to hike up an unmarked path which was more or less vertical, with me in flip flops. That was a laugh! I had to grab handfuls of grass to haul my arse up, I nearly had a seizure by the time I reached the top. The boys thought it was hilarious.

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