Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I just had a chat with Ryan, he seems happy enough and they are spoiling him(as they do). That's their way of parenting, "If we buy him enough toys/clothes/games, he'll be a good honest Christian and he'll love us and Jehovah." Bollocks to that. :-D

Pete is at football training and Taylor is staying at Georgies, so I'm home alone. Isobel is here, but she's tucked up in bed so doesn't count. I might have a glass of wine.

Didn't do much today, I finished off arranging the wardrobe spaces and hanging up all the clothes. It was thrilling. I watched Finding Nemo(again!)with Isobel. She is starting to memorise the lines now, it's very cute.

I think we've decided what to do with the bedrooms in this house. Once we've bought this place, we're splitting the boys bedroom into two smaller rooms. One will be more of a den really. Taylor would love it, it'll be very cave-like, but Isobel will probably end up in there with a Junior size bed. I know this is very sad, but here is my first plan. I've since drawn up a proper one with measurements and in scale, but it's not on the PC. I just want this done NOW. I can't wait another six months.

Our original plan was to split the living room, but Pete doesn't want to. Plus, the walk in cupboard in their room, that runs parallel to it, already has a door in place, making it an easier building job. I'm thinking of building it myself, as I'm not a complete beginner with woodwork. I've helped build stables and aviaries from scratch, so why not a partition wall? We know this extra room won't be a 'legal' bedroom, and the wall doesn't load bear. It's literally a screen. It won't increase value(it'll probably decrease it as we'll lose a double room), but the kids need separate rooms desperately. Their age gaps are just too big to share.

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