Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Then(are you bored yet?), we went to the New Forest for a picnic. The boys and Pete played cricket(again!), and Isobel chased the ponies around.

Lou took Pete and I out to the pub on Friday as she'd got a babysitter for all 5 kids(brave girls), and Neil met up with us too. That was fun, and it was lovely to get away from the kids for a few hours. We don't usually spend this long together.

We spent the next few days with family really, as the funds had finally run out. No more days out for us! We went to the beach and arcades a few times, but the weather had turned by this time, so it got pretty boring.

Isobel had great fun playing with Frankie and Lewis(don't ask me which one is which, they're so identical even Lou can't always tell them apart!). They all played so nicely all week, no fighting at all.

I think that's about it, except for a few more photos of Isobel that Pete's Dad took(see above).

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