Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nan's birthday

It was Nanny Farm's birthday yesterday, so we went to the cemetery to lay some fresh flowers down. I bought some nice yellow daisies and some yellow and red carnations. I picked some wild plums there with the kids, they're gorgeous and very sweet. I'm hoping to make some plum jam tomorrow. There is nothing I love more than cooking with wild food. I picked some huge mutant blackberries a few days ago in Portsmouth and made a crumble with them yesterday too. I'm just looking forward to Autumn now and the wild mushrooms that come with it.

I didn't take any pictures at the grave(thought it was a bit weird), but we went on to Eastbrookend Country Park afterwards with the kids. This place is really special to me. When I was pregnant with Taylor, I used to live just around the corner and I came here a lot. It's a haven in the city, with skylarks soaring and the breeze rattling through the Poplar trees(my favourite sound ever). I made some very big decisions about the path my life was going to take, and ultimately I decided to not have an abortion and keep Taylor while sat up there. It was a really spiritual experience, very life defining, and I'll never forget it. I'm thankful for the inspiration the place gave me 8 years ago. Pete knows how I feel about the place and he takes us all up there at least once a year.
I've wrote a few poems that convey the feeling pretty well, I'll have to dig them out later.

Anyway, we went to the fields over the back of the park so Pete and the boys could have a kick about. I took some nice pictures of Isobel, and we scrubbed about in the dirt for a while, both trying to catch grasshoppers.

It was a lovely relaxing day in the fresh air, I feel refreshed now.

Happy Birthday Nan, I hope you had fun with Grandad. :)

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