Monday, August 21, 2006

Another weekend over

Friday night was spent watching Big Brother, which Pete won (yay!!). I finally voted for him right at the end. Then, after drinking half a bottle of wine, which isn't a lot to me, I decided to cut Taylor's hair. It isn't the first time I've performed a drunken haircut, so I felt confident! We've been growing it ready for a mohawk, it was finally long enough on top, SO...


Of course, it'll have to come off before school goes back in September, but we can enjoy it for the holidays.

Saturday, Taylor had football training, then Pete and Ryan went to the Southend game while I prepared for a BBQ. Everyone came over, it ended up going on until 3am as my neighbors came round. We had a good night! Sunday I got up for football(both Ryan's & Pete's) and had a good gossip with Jane on the sidelines. We popped round Mum's for tea, Pete fell asleep(lightweight!), and I helped Mum to upload her new MP3 player. She's new to the whole technological age, bless her!

At about 10pm, Alan our neighbor knocked on the door with a SCARY hairdo. Wendy, his missus, was bleaching her hair and she thought it'd be funny to run her bleach-laden hands through his tousled locks. He'd ended up looking like Chris Evans. I had to shave it all off down to a number one, and he still had ginger patches. It was freaking hilarious! Thing is, Alan loves a practical joke so I reckon Wendy had better sleep with one eye open. He is sooo going to get her back.

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