Thursday, August 03, 2006


Ryan's Mum the Shithead Ignorant Arsewipe Nutter has been ignoring him for weeks. She hasn't called asking him to stay in his summer holidays. She hasn't paid us a penny maintenance for him in a year.

He got a card through today saying 'Buy yourself something nice, if Dad will let you'. Of course he thought that the £40 was just for him to squander and he's already spent it in his head on a new Portsmouth football kit. This evening she phones and tells us that it's actually maintenance money for Pete! If it were truly maintenance it'd be going straight into the pot to pay for new school uniforms and football team fees, not for him to spend as pocket money. This whole crazy scheme was designed to make Pete look like the bad parent for 'taking' the money off Ryan. She is so transparent. We are pretty skint(as I'm sure you've noticed) and that money would come in handy, but how can we take it off him now? Evil, nasty passive agressive bitch!

Also, whilst on the phone she said 'When are you bringing him down to see me?'. Pete more or less told her to fuck off, especially after the fiasco with the car last time. That's no longer our problem. If she wants to see him she can get off her lazy arse and make the 2 hour drive. She hasn't visited him once in a year. We used to drive for 13 hours, 5 times a year to see him when he lived in Wales with her, and she still used to delight in calling Pete and making him feel guilty about not seeing him enough.

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