Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We visited a huge pine forest, which was beautiful and eerie. I took some video of the wind sighing through the trees as I never wanted to forget the sound of it. I'm sure we were the only people there, it was just so wild.

The boys played cricket for a bit, then we cooked dinner out in the wild for a change(and had a hot chocolate afterwards for extra warmth). The Park Ranger came along to lock up, and as we were still munching, he very kindly gave us the padlock and asked us to lock the gate when we left.

Taylor had a stomach bug late that evening(which I think he caught from the water at Lulworth the day before), so we were all sat around all day the next day hoping for him to get better. Eventually, he sprung up right as rain at about 3pm(as he usually does), by which time the rest of us were climbing the walls and itching to get out. We drove around looking for this place:

However, when we realised we had to pay £11 entry fee just to see a lake we turned around and went back again!

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