Sunday, August 27, 2006

We were supposed to be going clubbing on Friday night. We dropped the kids off, and decided on going out for an Indian meal instead. It was very nice and we really enjoyed having a bit of couple time. It doesn't happen much since Ryan came.

Speaking of Ryan, Pete dropped him off at the station to meet his Mum on Friday and he really didn't want to go. He had a bit of a panic attack in the car and nearly changed his mind. Pete has since spoken to him and they've spent hundreds of pounds on him and he is now quite happy to be there. Funny how the old pound sign works magic on him. This now means that we are going to have a 12 year old with an attitude when he comes back to our frugal lifestyle. Isn't it also funny how Sian owes us a year of backpay maintenance money, but pleads poverty whenever asked about it? I wonder how she's afforded to buy Ryan £200 computer consoles and bags of new clothes at the drop of a hat. Must be divine intervention from that false god of hers.

I got my hair cut yesterday after waiting for two years. It feels so nice to finally get rid of the split ends and get the fringe I wanted.

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