Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I love my kids!

Seeing as Ryan is behaving himself for now, and the other two are being good(except for Taylor getting Ryan's bike stolen yesterday!), I thought I'd do a positive post about my cool kids.

I'm proud of both the boys for working hard at school, but especially Ryan. His parents evening went really well, most of the teachers were really praising him, and he's in top sets for everything and improving all the time. His football is also really good. His team weren't winning any games, and when he joined halfway through the season they started winning everything. I'm angry that his Mum tried to stop him doing the one thing he loved for 12 years of his life because it didn't fit in with 'Jehovah's' ideals. What a load of bollocks!

Taylor is doing really well at school and is getting more and more like Michael, his real Dad. That obviously pulls at my heart strings, but Michael is a great guy so it's not a bad thing. He's such a funny kid, and full of zest for life. He really lights up the room. He can read anything you put in front of him now and his handwriting is neater than mine. He starts Junior School in September and he can't wait. He really loves school(I hated it!), and is itching to get back after the Summer.

Isobel has such a dry sense of humour, she's getting more like Taylor every day as he's always been a comedian. She potty training right now and doing well. She refuses to poo in it though! She can count to 7, and is stringing 3/4 words together now in basic sentences. She is getting more cuddly, but only when she wants to. She's always been fiercely independent, even as a baby. She likes to stroke you when she gives you a cuddle, and often says 'Love you Mummy' out of the blue. She is very bossy with the boys, and likes to shout 'Taylor/Ryan, Dinner NOW!' at the top of her voice. She is Nemo OBSESSED, it's her favourite thing in the whole wide world.

I sometimes wish the kids weren't so cute, as it makes me broody for more. When they are this great, you just want to keep on reproducing!

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