Friday, August 18, 2006

Brotherly love...

I'm very proud of my son today. About an hour ago we were offered two free tickets to a Southend United game by our next door neighbor. This wouldn't be a problem, it was a lovely gesture, except for the fact that we have two boys. Someone will have to miss out.

We decided to toss a coin. I expected Ryan to win the toss. He didn't. Taylor was going to the game with his Dad. After dinner Ryan quietly slipped upstairs for a cry, Taylor followed, then ten minutes later he told Pete that Ryan could have his ticket. When we asked him why he said he didn't want to see Ryan upset, and he wanted him to go instead. Ryan has promised to buy him a present with his pocket money next week to say thanks. I hope this has taught Ryan a lesson. For the last two years he has terrorised Taylor, made him feel like a complete idiot, yet Taylor still adores him. It was just a really selfless and kind thing to do. We've done a good job with that boy. :-)

In other news, we both took Isobel to baby group today, it's probably the one and only time we'll ever take her together as I work on Fridays normally. It was lovely to see Alan, the Minister from the church who run the group. He's an awesome man. If we were ever to join a church(unlikely), his would be the one we'd choose.

Big Brother final tonight...I have no idea who to vote for. I was like this last year, dithering at the last minute. I've adored Pete all the way through, but this week he's become a sly, sneaky little coward. I have about 30 minutes to decide.

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Lara said...

Knowing me how you do, I *HOPE* you voted for Pete ;o)

This is a message for Taylor if you ever read this; one day you will understand what Karma means and being the type of person that you are you will live a wonderful life with lots of good karma, which (if you stay the way you are now) you will most certainly deserve.